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Emergency healthcare clinic

Information in english

Follo Legevakt is an emergency healthcare clinic serving the Ski, Oppegård, Ås, Nesodden, Frogn and Enebakk population.
Please call 116117 for all inquiries.
If the illness/ injury is life-threatening, please call 113 immediately!
The emergency healthcare clinic is open from 18 PM to 07 AM on weekdays and all day and night during the weekends and public holidays.

The emergency healthcare clinic’s telephone line is open 24 hours a day for questions. We encourage everyone to call in advance so that we can provide the best possible assistance.
When you visit the emergency healthcare clinic, we will ask you for your id, a list of your medication, the name of your general practitioner/doctor and other relevant information.

If you want to give us feedback, please send an email to: legevakt@follolms.no